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Foil hose, aluminum foil ventilation pipe, aluminum foil pipe 2013-09-16  
Stainless steel threaded hose. 2013-05-30  
Resistance to high temperature of 600 degrees ventilation pipe 2013-02-20  
Food grade silicone hose, food grade hose 2012-11-26  
ST00387-1 high-temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature vent pipe 2012-10-16  
PVC transparent hose, PVC transparent wire hose 2012-09-22  
PU wire tube WorldCom material transparent wire 2012-06-06  
Wine pipes, drinking water pipes, WorldCom food pipeline recommended 2012-06-06  
PVC reinforced hose WorldCom PVC steel wire reinforced hose inside the external smooth 2012-06-06  
Nylon bellows the WorldCom PA nylon bellows are widely used 2012-06-06  
Steam pipe high temperature high pressure steam pipe 2012-06-06  
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Add:2 Floors, 1 Building, Yushan Industrial Park, Longguan East Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen    Tel:86-0755-28111531 27524572    Fax:86-0755-29010781
Keyword: High temperature hose  Wear-resistant conveyor pipe  High-temperature vent pipe  Food pharmaceutical hose  Multi-purpose industrial tube  Industrial hose