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Metal hose, stainless steel metal hose products use

form:shitong  au:shenzhen shitong  date:2012-07-31 11:37:43
The stainless steel metal hose is compiled by the stainless steel bellows with one or more layers of steel wire or steel nets at both ends with a connector or flange head, used to deliver the flexible components of the various media.
Stainless steel hose is used as the protective tube and instrumentation of automated instrumentation signal wire protection tube.
WorldCom stainless steel hose, metal hose, stainless steel hose specialist manufacturer, for line of protection devices, precision optical encoder circuit to protect the sensor line.
The ultra-small-diameter stainless steel metal hose (3mm-15mm) for sophisticated electronic equipment, sensors, circuit protection solutions for precision optical encoder sensing circuit protection, line protection of industrial sensors. Have good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature, abrasion resistance, tensile strength. Stainless steel instrument line protection piping.


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